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Powderhorn News Sources

Where you get your news and information matters. Please make these local sources part of your daily routine. Don’t forget PPNA’s quarterly newsletter too!

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- Powderhorn Neighbors Issues Forum
This group is dedicated to sharing information and ideas among neighbors in the Minneapolis Powderhorn neighborhood to encourage friendships, partnerships, collaborative problem-solving and positive, citizen driven change –

- SouthSide Pride
A monthly newspaper locally owned and operated in South Minneapolis –

-Powderhorn Neighborhood Tour
An enthusiastic Minneapolis resident has photographed and created tours of many Minneapolis neighborhoods including Powderhorn Park neighborhood –

- The Minneapolis Issues Forum
This is an on-line outlet to discuss local-level Minneapolis civic issues –

- MinnPost
MinnPost is a non-profit journalism enterprise whose mission is to provide high-quality jouranlism for news-intense people who care about Minnesota –

- Twin Cities Daily Planet
The Twin Cities Daily Planet, a project of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, is a community newswire and syndication service showcasing the best work of the neighborhood and community press, as well as work by Twin Cities independent journalists and the voices of engaged citizens –