Powderhorn Park
Neighborhood Association

821 E 35th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 722-4817

PEB Local Support Recipients

DIW- The Division of Indian Works, our neighbor at Lake and 10th Avenue, runs a food shelf for low-income urban American Indian families. Need for food has dramatically increased since the economic downturn and funding from traditional organizations has decreased. They need our help more than ever. Of the more than 12,000 people served by the food shelf, half are children. For every $10 the Division of Indian Work receives from Powderhorn Empty Bowls, they will be able to provide 7 meals. Sister’s Camelot- Sister’s Camelot was founded in 1997 to distribute millions of dollars worth of free fresh organic produce and whole foods. They distribute the kinds of foods you could buy at Seward Co-op or the Wedge and make weekly rounds to distributors – Co-op Partners, Albert’s Organics and others. On any given day, they may have fresh ripe organic produce, prepackaged whole foods, bulk goods and other items that may be overstock or be near their expiration dates. The food share committee and volunteers do “random drops” where they share food unannounced at a busy intersection or neighborhood park. They meet people, discuss good nutrition and share food. After sharing, cardboard boxes are recycled and overripe produce in composted at local community gardens, with minimal waste going into the waste stream. This summer they fed people in the neighborhood during the state shut down. Youth Farm and Market- Offers summer programs for over 400 kids in Powderhorn, Lyndale, and the West Side of St Paul. The kids learn gardening and take their produce to market, as well as numerous other activities geared toward building healthy self-esteem and stronger community. Every Friday in Powderhorn Park the kids’ lunch meal is open to the community. For More Information: Please contact PEB’s volunteer coordinator at: or call 612-360-7874. (PPNA does not organize this event – please use the contact links above for more information.) Return to PEB Hompage