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Top 10 Reasons To Love Powderhorn

PPNA loves Powderhorn Neighborhood and thinks that it’s THE BEST neighborhood in Minneapolis to live in, shop and visit!  Here is a list, a love list for Powderhorn.



Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 8.18.14 Mike Wright P365, 8.14.14 Kate Brown P365

In Powderhorn Park Neighborhood you can literally walk in any direction and find food, drinks and friends. Around the corner from where you live is a treasure trove of restaurants and cafes, like the iconic May Day Cafe, Taqueria Los Ocompa, Mercado Centrral, Smoke in the Pit, Marla’s Caribbean Cusine, Tiny Diner, Taco Taxi and Matt’s Bar (which was visited by non other then President Obama himself!). Better yet, leave the car at home because all these businesses are within walking distance of you.


LovePowderhorn9Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 6.24.14 Kate Brown P365, 6.7.14 Steve Young Burns P365, 8.16.14 Steve Young Burns P365, 11.8.14 Jillian Helleliod P365

No need for a car here, just buy a bicycle. There is a bike lane on 17th Avenue. Two more Bike Lanes are in the works for 31st Street and on Chicago Avenue. There is access to the Greenway just off Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue. Full Cycle is on 35th and Chicago which services bikes and supports local youth. Bike racks now line Chicago Avenue thanks to Arts on Chicago artist Kelly Brazil and there is new bike racks by the post office from PPNA. The bike community is strong in Powderhorn!



Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 8.3.14 Jules Wight P365, 5.4.14 Gayla Ellis P365, 1.31.15 Elana Dahlberg P365, 11.2.12 Alexandra Ellison P365

May Day Parade & Fesitval, The 4th of July, Powderhorn 24, Powderhorn Porch Fest, The Festival on Lake, Empty Bowls, The Powderhorn Art Fair, Martin Luther King Day Celebration and The Art Sled Rally bring together 100s, even 1000s of people to enjoy the park and connect to eachother. Seriously, every season gives you something to look forward to.

LovePowderhorn7Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 6.30.14 Aria Dominguez P365, 11.22.14 Pat Ciernia P365, 9.3.12 Rebecca Lawrence P365

Did you know that almost EVERY block in Powderhorn has a block club? Well, it does. Crime has been falling statistically for the last 10 years and that trend is continuing. The community works together and ensures the streets are safe for everyone who lives there. That is something to love!

LovePowderhorn6Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 1.20.14 Christopher Lutter-Gardella P365, 7.15.14 Levi Oftelie P365, 7.19.14 Steve Young Burns P365, Snapshot at Powderhorn Art Fair

Pillsbury House and Theatre, Magic Lantern Puppet Theatre, Puppet Farm and Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre both are great places to catch a show in Powderhorn. They produce performances that inspire and challenge us, as well as make us laugh. Pillsbury House and Theatre is home to award-winning performing groups and the theatre itself won “Best Theatre” in the 2013 City Page Best of the Twin Cities list. During an evening stroll you may see the Fire Dancers and the Aztec Dancers practicing in the park. When you think about theatre and performance arts in Minneapolis, Powderhorn should come to mind.

LovePowderhorn5Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 12.29.14 Jillian Helleliod P365, 3.19.14 Diane Carlson

The houses in Powderhorn were mainly built in the early 1900’s and the people that breathe life into them love the architectural details that decorate our streets. Want to know the history of the house you live in? Just sign up for one of the workshops lead by Shari Albers (a Powderhorn resident and history buff)! Even better yet, the median home price in Minneapolis is $225,000 and the median price for a home in Powderhorn Park comes in at $179,000. Rent here is about average at $724.00 ($730.00 is the median for Minneapolis rent). Keeping affordable housing is really important to the Powderhorn community and City of Lakes Community Land Trust is one organization working to do this. Renter’s rights and advocacy are also of high value. Both HomeLine and PPNA work with Renters on these issues. *Statistics per Trulia and City-Data

LovePowderhorn4Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 9.6.14 Steve Young Burns P365, 6.1.14 Jules Wight P365, 1.29.15 J Arthur Anderson P365, 4.26.14 Steve Young Burns P365, 9.1.14 Christopher Lutter-Gardella P365

Over your morning coffee on your porch (or at a local cafe) it wouldn’t be surprising to see an eagle flying to the park. That is pretty awesome when you live in the heart of the city. Minne The Lake Creature even took up residence in Powderhorn Park for awhile and we don’t blame Minne as she’d be able to make a lot of friends!

LovePowderhorn3Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 10.9.14 Kate Brown P365, 9.14.14 Jules Wight P365, 11.24.14 Sue Stirling P365, 4.21.13 Renee Duncan P365, 9.18.14 Kate Brown P365

Powderhorn Park is 68 acres of gorgeous, literally breathtaking nature! It will ease the stresses of day. In the park you can enjoy a walk, canoe around the lake, enjoy the playground, walk your pooch (or chicken!), race down the bike path, BBQ with neighbors, play a little soccer or baseball and even go walleye fishing.

LovePowderhorn2Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 11.28.14 Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine P365, 2.26.14 Dianne Carlson P365, 5.7.14 Dianne Carlson P365, Paint the Pavement Snapshot, 2.24.14 Christopher Lutter-Gardella P365

Powderhorn neighborhood is rich with art thanks to all the artists who reside and work here. Arts On Chicago, Art Stop, Museum in the Streets, Powderhorn Park’s Pottery Program, Upstream Arts, Obsidian Arts, Powderhorn365 (a program which brought you all the beautiful photos in this post) and Public Art like murals and Paint the Pavement are just some of the art you will see. Even walking down the alley will be an artistic experience with all of the garage art residing in Powderhorn.

LovePowderhorn1Photo Credits (Left to Right/Top to Bottom): 11.21.14 Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine P365, 6.15.14 Jules Wight P365, 7.4.14 Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine P365, 11.7.14 Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine P365, 7.7.14 Gayla Ellis P365

No, really……..the community in Powderhorn is awesome! It boasts diversity, creativity and a community spirit that makes the neighborhood what it is today. From our long time residents – that hold the history of the neighborhood, to the artists – filling our streets with beauty, to the new neighbors across the street – who will soon become your new friends. People in Powderhorn know community and work together to create what they want to see in this great neighborhood!

PPNA loves Powderhorn Park Neighborhood!  Although we certainly don’t take credit for everything that makes the neighborhood great, PPNA is proud to support many great initiatives within it.

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