Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association
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Minneapolis, MN 55407
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PPNA Meets All Standards of the Charities Review Council

The Board of Directors of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) is very pleased to announce it has successfully completed a thorough review process and meets all of the standards of the Charities Review Council (CRC).  This prestigious achievement ranks PPNA as one of the most trustworthy and well governed nonprofits in the state of Minnesota.

PPNA meets all 27 Accountability Standards, which ensures our financial supporters are well informed and make thoughtful giving decisions.  In our adherence to the CRC’s recommended practices, PPNA earns public trust by strategically allocating resources, strong governance and maximizing programmatic impact.

The CRC envisions vibrant and healthy communities for all, benefiting from effective and trustworthy nonprofits that are supported by a well-informed public’s generosity.  The CRC works to mobilize informed donors and accountable nonprofits for the greater good, by:

Visit PPNA’s Listing at the CRC Website:

Please consider making a donation on Give to the Max Day.  PPNA works hard to earn you trust and your support allows us to serve the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood.

2013 Give to the Max Day