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Powderhorn365 KickStarter – Join the Team!

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By printing Powderhorn365’s books locally and affordably, the project is poised to increase its capacity, visibility and accessibility.

Powderhorn365 is a photography project that strives to document the daily life of an urban community, using images to build a sense of unity and pride in the neighborhood. Over the past 5 1/2 years, over 90 local photographers have taken thousands of pictures capturing the neighborhood’s vitality and engaging residents. We post the photos on our website (, exhibit them at a variety of venues, use the photos as public art installations, and publish a yearly collection. The “Printing It” campaign will make the Powderhorn365 photo book more affordable to those in our community who would like to enjoy it.

The media’s focus is on our struggles with crime, gangs, and drugs, which is all that most people outside the community know about the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. However, the people who live and work in Powderhorn know the much more complex and often beautiful story. Each day, as the Powderhorn365 photographers travel the neighborhood capturing history in the making, residents go about their daily lives, businesses open their doors, and visitors come to enjoy the natural and cultural amenities.

Photographs range from a tiny caterpillar on a flower in the park, to kids building a snowman, to gang graffiti tags, and to neighborhood tragedies. Powderhorn365 offers a cohesive, intimate look into life in Powderhorn.

Powderhorn365 is proud to have published four books showcasing one of the finest visual narratives of a diverse inner city neighborhood. In addition to time donated to book production and photo exhibits, volunteers have donated more than 2,000 hours envisioning, coordinating, editing, and posting pictures on the Powderhorn365 website.

Now we need your help. Your financial contribution will ensure that Powderhorn365 continues printing a yearly book, showcasing its work with exhibits and encouraging local photographers.