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Powderhorn Celebrates Groundhog Day – Find Powderhorn Phil

Powderhorn Phil, our beloved neighborhood groundhog has gone missing.  Powderhorn resident Molly Van Avery has been on the hunt and she will leave a new clue on this site every day leading up to Groundhog Day, February 2nd.  If you are the first to find him, bring him back to PPNA’s office, a treasure will be yours!

New clues each day starting on Sunday, January 30, 2012.

Clue 5 – Groundhog Day!
If Powderhorn Park is your friend,
then your search for Phil has come to an end.
Which way will our winter winds blow?
Only Powderhorn Phil is in the know.
Out from his hole, (he seems a little moody)
but I think our little cutie is ready for duty.
So skate your circle around and around,
look close for what was lost, and now is found!

Clue 4 – 2/1
Here is one thing I learned about that little groudhoggie,
Powderhorn Phil is addicted to coffee.
That sly little fox ordered a latte at Blue Ox
Then he had a hey day with an Americano from May Day
Modern Times made him a French Press, at this point I am impressed
how much caffeine can his little body contain?
Tomorrow I hope he will rest.

Clue 3 – 1/31
Hello my friends, you won’t believe what I saw!
The Fire Arts Center sure did drop my jaw.
There were sparks flying all around the place,
people wore protective gear over their face.
They bent metal, made jewelry, and all kinds of art
but Powderhorn Phil is sure proving to be smart.
He ran out the back door and through the alley
to catch the latest play at Pillsbury
I am sure he will love their work, it’s so daring.

Clue 2 – 1/30
Today his tracks were all loosey-goosey
so I stopped in to Matt’s for a Juicy Lucy.
The cheese almost burned my hungry mouth
as I wondered it Phil was heading north or south.
I know tomorrow will be an adventure
because although I am not sure
he ducked into a place where they melt hot metal
I think I’ll get there by bike as I do love to pedal!

Clue 1 – 1/29
Hey neighbors, that Powderhorn Phil sure is fast-
let me tell you all about where I spotted him last.
Bright colored lights lit up Lake Street
I lost his tracks right outside, he has such little feet!
When I went inside my troubles became obsolete
On the stage hand-made puppets danced all around
I knew then and there I was on sacred ground
I felt the beating heart of the beast
No Phil, but I was not sad in the least
I can’t wait to go back to that old theatre
but for now it’s back outside to my search, brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Oh dear people of the great Powderhorn
perhaps like me, you are feeling forlorn
for our groundhog friend Phil is lost and not found
… but I spotted his tracks and I am following him around…

Will you come too as I search high and low?
He will help us find out which way the winter will go
If it’s cloudy on the 2nd Powderhorn Phil will know
there is not much left of the cold and the snow.
If it’s sunny and the groundhog sees his shadow
there are six more frigid weeks where Phil will lay low.

No time to waste, on our hunt we must go!

Proudly Sponsored by PPNA’s Safety Committee