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Chicago & 38th Tragic Events

August 26, 2011

Dear Neighbors –

I want to give you an update from PPNA about the events at 38th & Chicago. Unfortunately, I am short on details for the planned events,  but I wanted to pass along the information I have at this moment.  More information will be forthcoming.

1. PPNA met with its neighborhood safety partners this afternoon to  exchange information and to discuss feedback and concerns we have  heard from the community.

2. The businesses and organizations near the intersection of 38th &  Chicago are planning an open house / community event for next week. I  do not have details about the date and time yet. Please stop by and  show your support for the local businesses. Representatives from PPNA  and our neighborhood safety partners will also be at the event (but feel free to call or email me at anytime).

3. PPNA and its safety partners are planning a community forum to  give residents, business owners, local elected officials and law enforcement the opportunity for shared dialog. We will discuss how we  as a community can come together during this time of crisis to reclaim our neighborhood.

4. Many of you have called and sent to me terrific ideas. One in particular is something that can involve the entire neighborhood immediately. It was sent in from a resident on the 3200 block of Chicago Ave. She suggested soliciting the neighborhood for its best ideas for building a strong community. Collating the ideas and then distributing a flyer (in English and Spanish). PPNA is an organization of neighbors and this is a project we all can play a part. We will be putting together a means to collect your ideas. We will need help to distribute the flyers. Be on the look for more details!

To recap, our Powderhorn Park neighborhood is responding. Please attend the events listed above, please send in your best ideas, please continue to express yourself on the PoHo Forum, please continue talking with your neighbors. These all add up to a strong community.

I will be in touch with more information as it becomes available.

Thank you,

Becky Timm
Executive Director


August 23, 2011

Dear Neighbors –

This week, the Central and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods were rocked by serious crimes which have left us wondering about the safety of our community. But we have not stopped at this question – rather we are asking what we can do to make this the neighborhood we are proud to call home. In my short time at the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA), I have seen many examples of residents making this neighborhood into a real community.

We have heard from many you about the recent crimes at the corner of 38th & Chicago and we too are deeply troubled by these events and their ripple effects. PPNA will continue to work with its local partners such as other neighborhood associations, elected officials, the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct, businesses, nonprofits and residents to ensure the community’s voice is heard and our needs are addressed.

There will be many opportunities to become involved in the upcoming days and weeks and I will pass along this information to Powderhorn residents and businesses. Also, I encourage you to attend our next Safety Committee meeting on September 21 at 6:30 pm. As always, there will be representatives from local law enforcement. You can play a role in shaping our neighborhood’s response to these recent unsettling events.

This weekend’s BBQ and Music Festival organized by the 38th Street Business Association has been postponed, but a new date will be announced shortly. As a show of our neighborhood’s solidarity, please make plans to join the fun, enjoy the live entertainment and eats lots of complementary BBQ.

Thank you for your support of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood!

Becky Timm
Executive Director