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Challenging the Narrative – A New PPNA and CURA Report on Latino Renters

Challenging the Narrative: What We Now Know and How We Can Support Latino Renters in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood

Take a few moments to read this new report from PPNA and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.

Report Link

Priorities for Renter Engagement in Powderhorn Park:
1. Change how outreach and organizing is done.
2. Listen closely, ask often, focus on the critical and make it fun.
3. Support opportunities for renters to be seen and heard in the city – and lead.
4. Promote a safer and healthier community.
5. Build relationships with landlords and managers
6. Offer more activities that reflect what community members already do and enjoy the most.

Top Renters’ Concerns:
– Paying Rent
– Seeing Mold
– Pests

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