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SUN Project

Collaborating to Make Minneapolis Neighborhoods More Sustainable and Local Government More Responsive

The Southside United Neighborhoods – SUN Project is a coalition of seven neighborhood organizations (Bancroft Neighborhood Association, Bryant Neighborhood Organization, Central Neighborhood Development Organization, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization Longfellow Community Council, PPNA and Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association) representing eleven neighborhoods  Representatives of those groups began meeting in 2010 to explore ways we could work together to support each other’s work and make all of our neighborhoods stronger.

The focus of our work is to explore strategic partnership opportunities that will improve operating efficiencies and ensure the long-term sustainability of our neighborhood work. We also strive to improve our capacity to engage and build grassroots leadership and affect policy change.

2015 SUN Project Policy Agenda

  1. Renters’ Rights & Livability
    1. Neighborhood level grassroots outreach and door-knocking
    2. City-wide policy change with the City Council, City departments and other neighborhood organizations
    3. Collaborations with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) – U of M
  1. Park Programming and Equity
    1. Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Planning Projects – RecQuest and South Service Area Master Plan
    2. Individual neighborhood park advocacy
    3. SUN Project member seated on the South Service Area Master Plan Community Advisory Council (CAC)
  1. Commercial Corridors
    1. Joint policy agenda for the SUN Project and five areas business associations
    2. Improved, effective and easier to understand regulations and inspections for new and existing businesses
    3. Lake Street & 38th Street development
  2. Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) Department & Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) Watchdog
    1. NCR evaluation process of NCR, NCEC and neighborhood organizations
    2. Regular check ins with City Council Members
    3. NCR Director to speak at March SUN meeting
    4. SUN Project member seated on the NCEC