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(English) Powderhorn 365

PPNA and the Powderhorn Park neighborhood proudly uses art to build community and empower residents. To this end, Powderhorn365 combines art and engagement to share the story of our South Minneapolis neighborhood through daily photographs. The media’s focus is on our struggles with crime, gangs, and drugs, which is all that most people outside the community know about the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. However, the people who live and work in Powderhorn know the much more complex and often beautiful story. Each day, as the Powderhorn365 photographers travel the neighborhood capturing history in the making, residents go about their daily lives, businesses open their doors, and visitors come to enjoy the natural and cultural amenities. Photographs range from a tiny caterpillar on a flower in the park, to kids building a snowman, to gang graffiti tags, and to neighborhood tragedies. Powderhorn365 offers a cohesive, intimate look into life in Powderhorn. Founded in January 2009 by Powderhorn resident and activist Amy Wurdock, Powderhorn365 has attracted over 90 volunteer photographers to donate time and talent as this project evolves to capture the ever changing life in our community.

Program Highlights

Photo Book Ordering Information Each year, Powderhorn365 publishes a beautiful photo book featuring each of the 365 neighborhood photos. The interplay of images highlights the Powderhorn Park neighborhood from many different perspectives. These stunning books are designed by neighborhood artists Aria Dominguez and edited by Gayla Ellis and Amy Wurdock. The proceeds help fund Powderhorn365 exhibits and projects. All five years of Powderhorn365 are available at PPNA’s Online Store or use the Book Order Form. Order one for you and give others as gifts. Everyone will treasure these books! Order Online

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