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Land Use Notifications

Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Land Use Notifications

Interested?  Next Steps to Learn More & Who to Talk To
Outlined below are steps to take if residents and businesses are interested in learning more about specific applications.  This is a proactive process and interested parties must take steps to inform the City of Minneapolis and/or PPNA of your interest.

1. Visit the City of Minneapolis’ Planning Permit Application Map for the most current information:  Permit Planning Map  (PPM)

2. Contact the Applicant for further information (listed on PPM)

3. Contact the City Staff responsible for the permit (listed on PPM)

4. Contact City Council Member Alondra Cano’s Office at (612) 673-2209 or Ward 9 Website.

5. PPNA Community Process
When PPNA receives formal and informal notification of applications and hearings (for Rezoning, Conditional Use Permit, Variance, Change of Nonconforming Use, Expansion of Nonconforming Use and Site Plan Review, etc.), we share this information with the community by posting on our website and the Powderhorn E-Democracy Forum.  PPNA is not always informed of pending action.

Upon completing Steps 1-4, if you are interested in a community discussion of the application, please contact PPNA to ask that the application be discussed further by the community by contacting PPNA at (612) 722-4817 or  PPNA will invite the applicant to the community meeting and/or request the applicant to send further information.  Please come prepared with concise comments.  PPNA staff will record comments and submit to CPED and the council member office.  This is a recording of the discussion and not an official action.

A PPNA Member (A person over the age of 16, who lives, works and/or owns property in the neighborhood), may request PPNA to take an official action.  After the community discussion, a PPNA Member may make a motion to recommend that the PPNA Board of Directors reviews and takes action on the recommendation.  All PPNA Members present at the meeting are eligible to vote on the motion and must provide proof of age and residency to vote.

The recommendation from the meeting is not official until the Board reviews and votes.  The Board meets on the second Thursday of the month.  Generally, if the project does not affect a large portion of the neighborhood, the PPNA Board will direct staff to report the community discussion comments to the City and will not take an official position on the application.

PPNA Board Key Questions for Decisions – PDF

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