Powderhorn Park
Neighborhood Association

821 E 35th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 722-4817

Serve on the Board

PPNA is a growing neighborhood organization that tackles a broad range of issues: Community Engagement, Economic & Community Development and Leadership.  For more information on PPNA’s Priorities, visit the Strategic Direction page. At the PPNA Annual Meeting on October 13th, 2016.  PPNA will hold elections for Board of Directors seats.  Periodically, the Board seeks replacement candidates for vacant seats.  We look for Board of Director members who are  energetic, strategically-minded leaders to help PPNA and this neighborhood thrive. PPNA works to enhance the quality of life in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood by facilitating community engagement, embracing a diversity of voices, and fostering economic and community development. Be a part of this important mission! Nominations Accepted on the Floor at the Annual Meeting! Six 2 Year Board Seats and One 1-Year Replacement Board Seat up for Election.   Interested in Running For the Board – Please Read The Information Packet and Complete a Board Candidate Nomination Form Today!

Director Requirements & Duties

Join the PPNA Board of Directors – Rewarding, Skill Building & Leadership Development – Why Should YOU Consider Serving?

  1. As a new member, you will serve with a dynamic, enthusiastic, committed group of 11 other volunteers and staff members who work hard on  behalf of this neighborhood.
  2.  Joining the board will connect you more tightly with this neighborhood and give you the chance to develop new skills while providing valuable direction to the course of PPNA work.
  3. By serving on the PPNA Board, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood.  The PPNA Board meets once a month for most of the year.  Also Board members serve on PPNA committees and help with PPNA events and activities.
  4. You have good ideas, skills and energy to share to make PPNA an even stronger organization.

Click Here for more more information about the PPNA Board For more info about PPNA’s Committees