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2014-2016 Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction - Red

Strategic Direction – Serving the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood
Founded in 1980 by residents and businesses, the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA)  works to enhance the quality of life in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood by facilitating community engagement, embracing a diversity of voices, and fostering economic and community development.

PPNA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization strengthens our inner-city, south Minneapolis neighborhood – bounded by Lake Street, Cedar Avenue, 38th Street and Chicago Avenue – by building connections among the neighborhood’s members (residents, property owners, employees and businesses) and working to support their collective efforts to address community concerns. PPNA is led by a 12 person Board of Directors comprised of community members.  PPNA has two full time and one part time employees.

Neighborhood Organization Role
PPNA exists to be of service the Powderhorn Park neighborhood.  To evaluate our effectiveness, we measure ourselves with the following four criteria established by the SUN Project:

Charting a New Course
Over the past year, PPNA used innovative tools to determine how we are doing, what’s missing and how do we use our resources to get to where we want to go.  We conducted a Neighborhood Survey, a Board Self-Assessment, a months-long Strategic Planning process, and a review of best practices of similar neighborhood organizations.

We listened to residents, businesses, the Board and committees, staff, funders and partner organizations. Based on your feedback, vision and goals, PPNA has set its Strategic Directions for the next three years.

When asked, “What Does PPNA do?” the answer is simple.  We do Engagement, Economic and Community Development and Leadership – and we are very creative in our approach.

All PPNA programs are designed to move forward these four directions.  Door knocking and renters’ rights, monthly Community Cafes, 23rd Annual Powderhorn Art Fair, Apetito por el Liderazgo, Powderhorn365, 38th & Chicago Pop Up Campaign, Arts on Chicago and lending circles, just to name a few programs, provide opportunities and resources for residents and businesses to shape the present and future of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood.

If you have not yet been a part of PPNA, please come to one of our many events.  PPNA is your neighborhood organization.

2014-2016 Strategic Direction

Facilitate Community Engagement
• Build connections among residents to identify and address community issues.
• Develop PPNA’s multi-cultural competence.
• Engage new neighborhood residents.

Foster Community Development
• Ensure a diversity of voices is included in community development plans and projects.
• Anticipate community growth to build resources.
• Enhance the engagement and participation of Spanish speakers and renters to shape the neighborhood.
• Develop opportunities for people to connect and form attachment to the neighborhood.
• Increase the visibility of public art.

Stimulate Regional Economic Development
• Promote and support new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs.
• Grow the economic vitality of commercial corridors.
• Increase the financial viability of artists.
• Build financial security within PPNA, residents and businesses.

Embrace Leadership
• Recognize leaders across the community.
• Generate new opportunities for leaders to emerge.
• Advocate on a regional scale.
• Develop local strategic partnerships.